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Saving Autumn’s Colors

OF vista

This week my friend Jeremy and I went hiking at a state park near us that we had never been to. It’s called Old Furnace State Park in Killingly, CT and it had great trails that led to cliffs bordering a small pond. It’s peak foliage time here in CT and the views from the cliffs were amazing!

The park is named Old Furnace because an iron furnace used to operate on the site during the Revolutionary war and produce iron horse shoes for the war effort. We were hoping that remnants of the furnace still remained on the land, but there is little evidence of the industry other than man-made ponds and stone walls. Regardless, it was a beautiful hike.

OF old furnace pond1

OF graffiti

OF jer cliff

OF selfie

OF cliffs

As we hiked we picked up leaves on the ground that were especially pretty so I could dip them in paraffin wax when I got home later.

OF leaf pile

A few years ago I picked up a paraffin wax bath at a yard sale for $5! I have never used it! So I figured I’d try it out on the leaves to preserve their color for a bit longer.

OF wax

It takes 4-5 hours to melt the paraffin wax so make sure you do this way ahead of your project!

OF leaf dip

Quickly dip the leaf until it is entirely submerged and then let it air dry for a minute. One coat of wax is plenty. A second coat makes the leaves look too waxy.

OF color pop

One layer of wax really gives the leaves a pop of color and a nice sheen!

OF leaves1

OF carnival glass

I displayed the leaves in a carnival glass bowl that used to be my great-grandmothers. The orange glass went well with the leaves!

OF leaves2

OF bowl o leaves

Now I can hang on to the colors of fall for at least a little bit longer!


A poem

a new heart

by Coco J.  Ginger

February 21, 2013 § 67 Comments

He knocked on her door, she answered. He grinned,
she laughed brightly.
With an air of  charm, he reached inside her chest,
and  pulled out her heart.

He smiled with pride.  She was paralyzed,
and turned cold.

He left.
Next night she received an email notification. It was a blog post, her heart was the star.
He had punctured and sliced her heart,
tattooed funny words all over her,
so he and his friends could look at her heart and laugh.
She didn’t cry, she couldn’t,
she didn’t  have a heart. She felt nothing.
Then, something magical happened.
As the boy  slept, a fairy came down casting a magic spell upon him,
turning his heart of black into GOLD.
When the boy awoke he felt sad, and overcome with shame.
He wanted to repair the pretty writing girls heart.
He wanted to erase the words and bring her heart
back to HAPPINESS.
He looked at the damaged heart,
nostalgia flooded his new gold heart
as he remembered
how pretty she was
when she was beating bright.
He wrapped her heart in fancy gold paper,
tied her with a bright red bow, held her  upon his chest,
until he heard her  beat  fiercely and bright
…just the way he  found her.
He walked across the hall, BANG BANG BANG.
She didn’t answer.
Next night again, BANG BANG BANG.
Still, no answer.
Perplexed, he walked back across the hall,
he wondered why she did not answer.
“In your absence”, her thoughts responded to his brains question,
“I  created  a  new  heart.
She  is  living  inside  me  now,
and now that I can feel,
I know  you cannot be trusted
with my most prized possession.
You say friendship should be kept,
but you betrayed my loyalty,
when you carelessly played with the brightest part of me.”
“Keep the old heart.
I no longer need her.
I hope you mend her,
bring her back to HAPPINESS,
and give her to a new girl who one day
may need her.”
“Remember how pretty she was   when she was beating bright.”
*    *    *
New hearts can be created.
Broken hearts will be recycled.
And with love and magic,
black hearts can be
transformed into gold.
So Smile.
Because your eyes sparkle when you do
A smile is the stem,  to the blooming
of a new heart.
[Beat bright and bloom.Beat bright and bloom.Beat bright and bloom.]

Pumpkintown USA

P height

3 years old and 3 feet tall!

One of our favorite fall traditions is taking a trip to Pumpkintown USA. If you live in Connecticut and you have small kids, Pumpkintown is a must! Pumpkintown USA is a kid-friendly fall attraction open from the end of September through Halloween each year. It features a “town” filled with little buildings and pumpkin people that kids can run around and interact with. There are games, food (the best cider donuts!), a hay bale maze, a pumpkin moon bounce, etc.

P wagon

P farm

There are even pumpkin animals!

The cost is very affordable: $4 per person on the weekends, and only $1 on weekdays! There is an additional fee for a great mile-long hay ride through the woods. The hay ride features really creative displays of pumpkin people, and there are pumpkin animals and birds placed in the woods along the way for kids to spot. Pumpkintown donates part of your admission fee to a breast cancer charity.

If you want to visit the Pumpkintown website, click here.

P black cat

P beheaded

P apple

P tractor

P val game

Val and Brooklyn take aim at a pumpkin man in the pond. They missed 😦 Rich and Alex tried next. They missed too 😦

P rich game

Brooklyn sat really still while a lady painted a spider web on her face.

P face paint

While Brooklyn was getting her face painted, Alex made faces at herself in the mirror.

P mirror

Brooklyn picked out mini painted pumpkins for her and her sister. She decided on a cookie monster pumpkin for herself, and a Doc McStuffins pumpkin for Alex.

P painted pumpkins

So many choices!!

P maze

P alex BW

P hats

When it was time to eat, Alex tried to get her hands on a chili dog! The rest of us ate cider donuts. They are the best cider donuts around! They also sell apple fritters, but I’m always so tempted by the donuts that I don’t end up getting one. Maybe next year…

P chili dog

P donut

Look at this dude eyeballing Brooklyn’s cider donut!! She does NOT look too happy about it. She gets her love of sweets from her grandmother and her auntie (that’d be me), so I know that she will put a hurtin on this guy if he touches that donut…

We ended the day with the hay ride through the woods. Brooklyn spotted each pumpkin critter and turkey planted in the woods. We were really impressed at how many creative pumpkin people displays they set up for the hay ride. One of our favorites was a pumpkin man who we got a peek of as he was sitting in an outhouse! We also liked all the displays that had moving features, like a gold mine with a sluice box with real running water through it, or the blacksmith shop with a real fire burning. It was definitely entertaining for the whole family.

P hayride

If you live in CT, get to Pumpkintown before the season is over!


Halloween Cupcakes

H collage

Last week the 3 martinis decorated some cupcakes for Halloween!

Mom (Sue) swirled orange cake batter with purple cake batter in the cupcake tins and they came out really pretty and looking perfect for Halloween! I don’t know why, but I forgot to take a picture of these 😦 We frosted them with buttercream frosting.

H trick or treat

H piping bag

Mom taught us a handy tip for putting frosting into the piping bag. Once your tip is in the bag, stand it up in a pint glass and drape the bag over the edge of the glass. No more trying to hold the bag with one hand while you scoop frosting in with the other!

I made carrot cake cupcakes and we frosted them with cream cheese frosting.

H candycorn cupcake

We frosted these to look like candy corns

Val made witches legs to stick out of some of the cupcakes and then we broke out the sprinkles and had a decorating party.

H cupcakes

Witch’s feet cupcakes!

H val photo bomb

Photo bomb! About half way through the night we started to suspect Val had a frosting problem….

If you want the recipe for the cream cheese frosting that Val couldn’t stop eating, here it is:

2 sticks of butter, softened

One 8 oz package of cream cheese, softened

4 cups confectioners sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

H val frosting coma

Someone take the bag of frosting away from Val!!!

It felt like a beautiful summer day here today, but I hope some of you are starting to feel Halloweeny anyway! Decorating cupcakes helped us get into the spirit. Happy baking!


Squeezing Every Last Drop from Summer…

There are plenty of signs showing it’s fall around here in the Northeast. Trees are changing color and the leaves are falling, people are serving pumpkin everything wherever you go, apple picking is in full swing, people are lining up for hay rides and haunted houses, we’re even making Halloween cupcakes over here at 3martinislater.

But it doesn’t feel like fall! I’m still walking around each day in t-shirts…and I’m loving it! We took field trip to one of my favorite places last week, Harkness Memorial Park in Waterford, CT, and I felt like it was the middle of summer. The temperature was in the 80s and as I walked around and took pictures, no one could have convinced me it was October.







I’m going to have to give in and go on a hayride before the season is over, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying every last second of this lingering summer…


I can feel magic in the air

RT day3 105

Are we tricking or are we treating this year, my little pretties?  In this coven we must keep it sweet for a few more years………….then when the babes are older it’s all claws out on who will scare who!


Pumpkins that are cannibals…gross.


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